BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.
BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.

Right Sizing Subscription Rates

right sizing subscription rates

In nearly every home, company, and in data centers across the globe, networking equipment is deployed to interconnect all things.  Underlying that equipment there is a basic constraint: subscription rates.  Right sizing subscription rates requires discipline. Over-subscription is an acceptable deployment strategy when properly quantified and the risks/costs and rewards/benefits are properly weighed. 

An effective analogy are streets and highways.  Roadways are designed to be smaller in areas where fewer people are likely to use them like on neighborhood streets.  City thoroughfares are larger to handle more traffic and freeways and interstates larger still. Even given the different sizes in roadways, you can’t build even major roadways to handle all traffic at once. The cost would be prohibitive.  We have all been stuck in traffic.  This is what happens when more people are using the road than the road has capacity for.  This analogy also serves well for both the over-subscription analysis and the risk/reward or cost/benefit analysis.  If we were to build 100 lane highways, we could greatly reduce rush hour traffic, perhaps eliminate it all together, however these roadways would be very underused during the rest of the day, night and weekends.  That said, we must have adequate infrastructure to properly manage and apportion traffic, we will have unused lanes at 3AM that will be significantly backed up at 8AM. 

MNJ has made significant investments and is committed to both scaling bandwidth and right sizing subscription rates dynamically for our customers.  We have also created a formal architecture practice to assist all of our customers in assessing current utilization, requirements for scale and rapidity of deployment, and thoughtful, comprehensive design.  Let us help you find the right balance of subscription rates for your business and to enable your ability to effectively address changes, both planned and unplanned.


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