IT Solutions for Professional Services

MNJ Technologies offers a full range of managed IT solutions for professional services firms, including cloud, security, network, connectivity, and technology sourcing support.

Increased Demand In Remote Technologies

IT departments of professional services companies like large legal and accounting organizations have been overwhelmed due to the global pandemic. As if the rapid move to work from home (WFH) and the adoption of many new communication methods weren’t enough, these organizations are also aggressively adopting new communication methods, Artificial Intelligence, and are facing an onslaught of cybercrime.

WFH created significant demand for remote phone and systems access and drove up demand for video conferencing. Artificial Intelligence equips professional services firms with tools to automate daily repetitive tasks. And every 11 seconds, a new cyber incident occurs in this industry sector.

These trends have IT departments seeking additional support to keep up with demand. MNJ is well-positioned to assist – offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise and all the right IT services.

it solutions for professional services

IT Solutions for Professional Services Firms

Legal, accounting, and other professional services firms are increasing their cloud adoption.

Remote workers and more methods of remote communications are increasing connectivity needs.

Cloud applications, video streaming, teleconferencing, and data analytics are increasing network demand.

The professional services sector has also been slow to adopt cyber countermeasures.

The transformation occurring in professional services firms requires software and hardware to execute.

Designing, implementing, managing, and supporting solutions is a considerable burden on IT.

Cloud Services

Legal, accounting, and other professional services firms are increasingly comfortable with cloud security and data privacy. This is leading to aggressive cloud adoption as these firms attempt to leverage the cloud to achieve better mobility, efficiency, and flexibility. According to the ABA 2020 Legal Technology Survey, 58% of law firms already store data securely in the cloud, and Lexis Nexis reports 72.4% of the legal firms favor cloud adoption.

MNJ is well-positioned to help professional services organizations adopt the cloud, offering trained cloud professionals, tools, and services to meet growing demand.

managed cloud services

Our teams can help you plan, manage, and execute cloud initiatives including assisting in design, integration, and support of cloud solutions.

it solutions for professional services

MNJ offers customized managed connectivity solutions tailored to each firm’s specific needs.

Connectivity Services

Work from home has raised the demand for connectivity across the professional services sector. The need to support more remote workers and more methods of remote communications have professional service organizations rethinking their connectivity needs. Connectivity needs are also being driven by a need to create better overall customer experiences.

MNJ has a team of experienced IT professionals and relationships with over sixty carriers. We’re well-equipped to meet the ever-increasing connectivity and communications demands of professional services firms. 

Network Services

Today networks must meet the bandwidth demands of cloud applications, video streaming, teleconferencing, and data analytics. The global pandemic caused a mass move to WFH, creating even more networking challenges, even pushing some firms to consider staggered work schedules to alleviate network congestion.

The move to WFH set off a mass replacement of network infrastructure that is still underway. MNJ’s network infrastructure solutions deliver maximum uptime while delivering higher bandwidth, lower costs, simplified management, and an improved user experience.

MNJ’s skilled people, automated processes, and management tools deliver consistent network performance.

network infrastructure services

Our solutions offer high performance and availability to meet today’s needs and the bandwidth to enable transformation in professional services.

it solutions for professional services

MNJ offers expertise and advanced threat intelligence to assist professional services firms with cybersecurity.

Security Services

Legal and accounting firms have unparalleled access to non-public, confidential information, making them a primary target for cybercriminals. During the first year of the pandemic, firms were forced to shift remote work models relying heavily on communication and cloud tools. Confusion and unfamiliarity with these tools create a smokescreen for cybercriminals and offer new cyber exploitation opportunities.

Unfortunately, the professional services sector has also been slow to adopt cyber countermeasures. In a recent survey by the ABA, less than half of the respondents used encryption for information in transit or at rest. Also, other security tools like intrusion prevention and detection, remote device wiping, device recovery, web filtering, etc., have been poorly adopted.

MNJ offers expertise and advanced threat intelligence to assist professional services firms with cybersecurity by performing assessments, establishing governance programs, prioritizing actions based on risk profiles, and building holistic security programs.

Technology sourcing

The transformation occurring in professional services firms requires modernizing IT infrastructure. MNJ offers technology sourcing to ease this burden. Our experienced professionals work with IT teams, helping them understand the latest vendor offerings and options to meet transformation needs.

MNJ’s technology sourcing services include procuring hardware and software that best meets a project’s needs—assisting with software licensing, distribution, management, and renewal—configuring, testing, and deploying solutions.

technology sourcing

MNJ also provides SaaS subscription management overseeing usage and compliance.

it solutions for professional services

Large projects, like cloud migrations and AI adoption can be achieved painlessly with the help of MNJ’s professional services.

Professional services

Designing solutions, implementing, managing, and supporting them is also a considerable burden on already understaffed IT organizations.

MNJ offers professional IT services to help overcome these challenges. We supplement in-house IT with the skills and expertise to utilize today’s technology.

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