Hosted Private Cloud

Decrease complexity, maintain security, and enjoy outstanding performance and flexibility with MNJ’s hosted private cloud.

Maximize Value &
Lower TCO

Most large businesses rely on legacy applications to process sensitive data requiring strict security, confidentiality, and a dedicated infrastructure.

These businesses need a secure private cloud that is easy-to-deploy and manage, with the ability to scale up and down with changing demand.

MNJ’s fully managed private cloud combines the power of next-generation hardware and virtualization, to deliver fully isolated dedicated environments that can handle the most critical workloads.

Run on dedicated hardware or take advantage of virtualization. Reduce costs with consumption-based pricing. Decrease complexity, maintain security, and enjoy greater performance and flexibility with MNJ’s private cloud services.

hosted private cloud, Hosted Private Cloud

Who is MNJ’s Hosted Private Cloud For?

MNJ’s private cloud enables financial institutions and transaction processors to leverage the cloud securely.

MNJ offers a secure, cost-effective, compliance-driven, dedicated infrastructure that minimizes downtime and eliminates maintenance and management.

Transition to a private cloud that looks and feels just like your in-house environment, while removing the headache of maintenance and management.

Improve your IT capability and agility without breaking the bank.

Improve your internal IT efficiencies across teams and locations.

MNJ’s managed private cloud environments are powerful enough to run even the most significant virtual desktop.

Build the most potent outsourced or hybrid cloud environment possible.

Start small and scale into large, multi-node configurations. Get VPNs, load balancers, and high-throughput firewalls.

Protect your workloads with our global unified network and managed DDoS mitigation.

Features of Private Cloud Hosting

Hosted Private Cloud​ Benefits

Hosted Private Cloud Benefits

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