Technology Sourcing

We work with organizations to fully capture the potential of technology sourcing and deliver these services in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Scalable & Effective Technology Sourcing

IT is developing new solutions and deploying new technologies every day. These same teams are often tasked with sourcing the underlying technologies and are expected to balance future-proofing and controlling costs, while simultaneously building strategic technology relationships.

MNJ has developed a wide range of win–win partnerships with vendors offering state-of-the-art software and solutions— such as cloud, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, servers, and personal computing products. We offer the optimal sourcing strategies and execution to meet your business needs.

We work with organizations to fully capture the potential of technology sourcing and deliver these services in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

technology Sourcing


MNJ works with clients to ensure agile and seamless execution of technology sourcing.


MNJ works with your technical staff to determine and recommend the servers, network devices, and other components necessary to meet your needs.

Software & Licensing

MNJ’s software experts help you determine what software you need, the best way to license, distribute, manage, and renew it. We take the hassle out of software licensing.

SaaS Subscription Management

MNJ helps you catalog SaaS subscriptions, and optimize spending, usage, and compliance across your organization.

Configuration & Deployment

Our testing procedures ensure proper installation, and we’ll get solutions to employees and ensure they know how to properly use them.


Hardware maintenance and support contracts, including repairing hardware online and telephone technical troubleshooting.

Software maintenance and support contracts, including remote troubleshooting and support, as well as usability assistance. In some cases, software support includes installation services, updates, migrations for major software releases, and other types of proactive or reactive on-site services.

Smarter Technology Sourcing

MNJ technology sourcing services help you understand your options, what’s available today, and what’s coming soon, so you can make smart technology sourcing decisions.

Technology Pillars

Technology Sourcing Benefits

technology sourcing, Technology Sourcing

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Matt Ogden

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Ogden is MNJโ€™s Chief Operating Officer. Matt is widely recognized as the voice of the customer. He was, in fact, a customer of MNJ for 14 years. MNJ customers trust Matt for his command of IT and Digital Transformation within the context of optimized business outcomes.

Matt bridges the gap between legacy technology environments and practical future state success. He has a rare ability to meet the customer where they are and build high integrity, cost effective plans to help technology teams function better. He has even been called a CTO/CIO whisperer. His command of best practices comes from his 14+ years of experience as a leader within the Fortune 19 company – Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

Matt is a Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate from Kent State University. Matt is all about family and invests his free time into them while enjoying coaching and Disney World adventures. Matt is also an avid Cleveland Browns fan.