Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise infrastructure. It creates a single, flexible, and cost-optimal IT infrastructure.

Increase ROI From Your Technology Investments

Most companies are already deploying some cloud services, and larger organizations usually have some form of legacy on-premise infrastructure alongside it.

Going forward, plans related to using the cloud are about leveraging the right mix of technology to maximize business value and minimize risk.

Supporting hybrid environments that include on-premise infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud can be overwhelming for already stretched thin in-house IT departments.

Fortunately, MNJ can help. MNJ has broad competencies across on-premise and cloud infrastructures. We can help you manage public cloud consumption, set up and support private clouds, and assist in planning and supporting on-premise solutions.

We’ll assess risk and security issues, help you design your strategy, and bring it to life. Our goal is to achieve the best ROI from your technology investments and accelerate business transformation.

MNJ combines a data-driven approach and technical expertise with a business-led and application-driven approach.

hybrid cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Who is MNJ’s Hybrid Cloud For?

Review existing applications to determine the best infrastructure. Develop a holistic plan to get the most value from cloud investments using our data-driven suite of tools.

Refactor applications to make them more capable of taking advantage of the public cloud and delivering more value.

Select the appropriate hybrid cloud architecture components, from on-premise infrastructure to virtualization elements, to management and integration of software.

Integrate multi-access edge computing into the hybrid cloud architecture for greater portability of data and applications through 5G and IoT. 

Construction of a hybrid cloud platform that includes all types of infrastructure, including physical and virtual machines, private cloud, public cloud, and containers.

Features of Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

hybrid cloud benefits

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