Direct Internet Access (DIA)

DIA gives branches, remote offices, or stores the capability to send traffic directly out to the internet instead of to a centralized data center to be inspected.

Move Internet Traffic More Effectively

Traditional WAN cloud access sends cloud application traffic across your WAN to your data center before handing it off to the Internet. This routing causes sub-optimal performance for end-users.

Traditional WAN cloud access strains network infrastructure, as bandwidth is consumed by applications that could be sent directly to the Internet.

This routing also increases application latency, as the traffic must cross the network to the data center before going out to the Internet.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

DIA is becoming the go-to solution for larger enterprises looking to reduce WAN traffic and improve cloud application performance.

DIA offloads latency-sensitive cloud applications directly to the Internet.

DIA provides the flexibility for local firewalls or inspection devices in branch offices to ensure the branch and business are protected from any malicious threats.

DIA Benefits

direct internet access, Direct Internet Access (DIA)

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