BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.
BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.

The New Generation Of Mobile Workstations: Hi-Performance On The Go

The world of computing is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to managing vast amounts of data and being able to create incredibly detailed imaging. To process the magnitude of data and pixels necessary in a changing world, there is a need for a new approach. 

Enter the new HP Z series of high-performing mobile workstations. With the growing demand for better computer performance in many industries, the HP ZBook models provide a compelling solution. These ZBooks offer the benefit of portability with powerful performance so that everyone from data scientists to creative professionals can work anywhere their job requires.  

A Changing World And Need For Hi-Performance On The Go 

In many professions, the sheer volume of data underlying a day’s work just keeps expanding. More data is being collected for analysis, more data is being generated to improve clarity, and more data is being shared between users and stored in the cloud. It’s not just data science, but any type of design or creative profession, not to mention virtual-reality.  

For many professionals, a standard computer and screen just won’t cut it anymore. This trend is generating greater demand for high-performance mobile workstations with more RAM capacity, more robust processing cores, as well as graphic cards that support high-resolution across multiple monitors.  

The New Generation of HP ZBook Mobile Workstations 

HP ZBook Create 

Suitably equipped for the serious professional, the ZBook Create comes with up to 32 GB of RAM, up to Intel® Core™ i9 Processors, and a NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2080s graphics card. 

Perfect for 3D artists, video editors, and gaming and virtual reality (VR) developers, this mobile workstation is equipped with a number of performance features. These include HP Vaporforce Thermals for maximum performance with a vapor chamber, fans and venting, and BIOS innovations for more efficient power consumption and distribution. 

It has a thin, sleek design with the aim of being the smallest 15” laptop designed for creators. This makes it perfect for creative professionals who need a flexible, portable device to take with them anywhere they go.  

HP ZBook Studio  

Targeted towards product developers, architects, and creative professionals, the ZBook Studio G7 also has up to 32 GB of RAM, Intel® Core™ i9 or Xeon® Processors, and up to NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 5000 graphics card capabilities. 

With the addition of 100% DCI-P3 coverage and HDR capability, HP’s DreamColor technology comes to life without any negative effect on battery life.  

When it comes to the keyboard, users can enjoy greater responsiveness, whisper-quiet rubber domes, and anti-rattle brackets. This ensures an optimal and distraction-free typing experience.  

The ZBook studio also features HP Vaporforce Thermals to distribute heat evenly throughout the vapor chamber. This optimizes cooling when under pressure from a large workload.  

HP ZBook Studio x360 

With all of the same supportive features of the model described above, the ZBook studio x360 has up to 64 GB of RAM, optional Xeon® Processors, and is available wtih NVIDIA® Quadro P2000 graphics. 

What’s more, this model is convertible, making it a strong competitor for the world’s most powerful convertible PC. Creators, architects, and product developers can use this device in laptop mode for general work needs, in stand and tent mode for collaboration, in tablet mode for sketching, and in docked mode to connect to multiple displays.  

HP ZBook Firefly 

This aptly named model is the smallest and lightest ZBook ever made. It is geared towards Office power users, creators, architects, and designers. At 2.96 lbs, this is a mobile workstation built for the professional on the go. It has 3 x faster WiFi capability, gigabit-class 4G LTE, and long battery life.  

To ensure security, this model also includes built-in hardware-based security features, such as HP Sure View. This helps to guard it against prying eyes with an integrated privacy display, which you can activate with the touch of a button. 

HP ZBook Power G7 

Equipped with the latest security features, and designed to support complex workflows, this model offers students, architects, construction managers, and product managers a range of features, including up to 4 TB of blazingly fast storage, up to 64GB of memory, and 10th Generation Intel®Core™ OR Xeon® Processors.  

The ZBook Power G7 mobile workstation is the perfect tool for those who work in teams, and is appropriately configured with HP Sure Suite advanced security features, which can be rolled out and managed across fleets. 

HP ZBook Fury 

The ZBook Fury is HP’s most powerful mobile workstation. Perfect for data scientists, product designers and engineers, and media and entertainment professionals, this workstation can easily meet the needs of the most demanding professions.  

It has configurations for Intel® Core™ i9 or Xeon® Processors, up to 128GB RAM, and up to NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 5000 for professional applications.  

The Bottom Line 

Whether you’re a creative professional editing videos on the fly, or a data scientist crunching AI algorithms, HP ZBooks are purpose-built for today’s most demanding work requirements. With more people working remotely, power users need to be able to take their high-performance workstations with them wherever they go. With raw, powerful performance, and portable design, ZBook mobile workstations are an all-in-one solution for the most demanding lines of work.  

MNJ is proud to offer HP’s ZBook lineup, both as a targeted replacement for employee upgrades, and as a fleet solution for businesses that need to move in a new direction at scale. MNJ can also configure ZBook workstations as edge devices in situations where data must be processed and packaged for transmission at the source, and when piping data directly to the cloud is impossible. Call us for special pricing or deployment configurations for your most demanding projects.  

MNJ and HP are delivering the solutions you need to manage your remote workforce successfully – Contact us to learn more at sales@mnjtech.com.  


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