Network Operations Center (NOC)

Increase Productivity & Decrease Operating Costs

Networks can be expensive to maintain but they enable much of the technology we utilize every day. Outsourcing to a Network Operations Center (NOC, pronounced “knock”) helps ensure networks are being monitored, analyzed, secured, and measured properly. When issues arise the NOC’s trained staff takes immediate action to ensure minimal impact on productivity.

MNJ’s Network Operations Center is a central location where MNJ experts can monitor and manage your network infrastructure, including wireless systems, databases, firewalls, various related network-related devices (including IoT devices and smartphones), telecommunications, dashboards, and reporting.

MNJ’s NOC provides organizations with complete visibility over their network, detects anomalies, and enables the MNJ team to prevent or resolve problems and issues proactively. MNJ’s NOC includes monitoring customer support calls, help desk ticket management, and integration with your network tools.

Outsourcing your NOC to MNJ will help free up valuable IT resources to focus on your core business, reduce operational costs, and create a better customer experience.

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