BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.
BREAKING NEWS: MNJ Technologies Introduced New Digital Transformation Brand - Ignyte.

Does Your Company Have an IT Trailblazer?

IT trailblazer

In an industry laden with acronyms, buzz words and an ever changing technological landscape, business owners often find it difficult to navigate the tech terrain without an IT trailblazer. Companies find themselves relying heavily on their IT resources to keep their internal infrastructure current, with little monitoring or qualification process for the team or person brought in to do so. In many cases, inexperience or complacency in this position can put your business in a technological deadlock.

How can you tell if you have an IT trailblazer, or you need to start looking for one?
Here are a few questions to chomp on:

Have new technologies been introduced to you? Your IT provider should be constantly bringing new ideas to the table with the latest apps, security features, cloud solutions, etc. Implementing new technology that streamlines processes within your business should be an ongoing discussion between you and your IT people. While slight prudence is a good thing, it is impossible to stay ahead of your competition if your internal resources are outdated.

When deciding on a project, do you get a variety of options? In this industry, relationships are key. When you find a good partner to work with, it’s easy to get comfortable. When this happens, important decisions regarding your IT architecture usually start to go to the same vendor every time. This methodology is limiting to the growth of your business. An exceptional partner will present you with more than one option that they feel will move you towards a solid solution.

Are the solutions being presented fiscally responsible? There are many “hot” new models out there. Implementing a new solution should not be taken lightly, and the financial impact both short term and long term should be explored and given thought. Your IT team should be bringing you options that build your business up, while keeping you out of the red.

Is your IT guru interested in the end game? Have you received a network roadmap for long-term network sustainability and performance? It is important to not just focus on the latest project at hand, but rather, how that project is going to play into the technological advancement of your organization. It’s ok to ask for short and long term IT related goals.

If your answers to all of these questions were yes, then congratulations, you have found yourself an IT TRAILBLAZER! If you, like most, said no, please check out MNJ Technologies. You will find yourself building a partnership with a team of IT experts focused on architecting a custom built technology solution that fits your vision, your budget and your business.


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