The modern network is more than just a collection of routers, switches and access points. It has evolved into a dynamic, software-defined environment with optimized WAN, segmented and prioritized traffic, advanced analytics, and powerful, centralized management. No longer rigid, today’s networks can be configured and tuned to the needs of your organization, providing the essential network platform for today and tomorrow.

Networking technologies necessitate design and architecture resources trained in multiple disciplines and technologies. Trained and accredited across multiple brands and technologies, MNJ consultants and architects work with customers to learn about the customer environment, preferences, needs and pain points to design solutions. MNJ’s broad product line provides a degree of agnosticism as well, where customer challenges can be met with multiple solutions with different feature sets and budgets. MNJ supports networking technology verticals including: traditional routing, SD-WAN, access, distribution, data center, core switching and wireless.

As a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Master Partner (CMSP), MNJ offers configuration, deployment and ongoing managed services for Cisco networking products from simple access switches and access points through complete data center overhauls.

MNJ’s Networking Portfolio vendors include: Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Juniper, Oracle + Talari, Silver Peak, Fortinet, Ruckus, & Aerohive.

Switching Solutions

Legacy networking devices can be difficult to configure, troubleshoot and manage. Limited analytics provide poor business intelligence, manual management tools are non-intuitive and understanding the health of your network can require looking in multiple places. Recognizing and understanding these shortcomings, Cisco, Aruba, Meraki and other leading brands have developed the next-generation of networking products designed with single pane of glass management along with available analytics and automation. Engineered to optimize today's mission-critical applications and services, today’s network infrastructure is software-defined, and scalable.

Trained in multiple disciplines and technologies, MNJ consultants and architects work to understand customer environments, preferences, needs and pain points to design solutions. MNJ’s broad product line provides a degree of agnosticism as well, where customer challenges can be met with multiple solutions with different feature sets and budgets.

Reach out to your Account Manager today to schedule a meeting with a Hybrid Solutions Consultant to see how next-generation networking can improve your business.

MNJ’s Switching Portfolio vendors include: Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Juniper, and more.

Wireless Solutions

The next generation in wireless has arrived. 4 time faster than 5G, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) delivers higher data rates, significantly increased efficiency/device density and power conservation. Efficiency and device capacity increases make a case for use in high density environments, such as offices, stadiums, outdoor venues and convention centers. Educational environments with 1:1 deployments will benefit not only from the ability to connect more devices, but also from reduced interference and lower latency. Power conservation features will be crucial for current and future Internet of Things (IoT) deployments which improve battery life and reduce device maintenance. Enabling the any device, anytime, anywhere connectivity end users demand, new wireless technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and IoT revolutionize the way we communicate for business and with each other.

MNJ’s Advanced Technology Solutions team provides no-cost consulting and design services to architect solutions for customers of all sizes. Trained and accredited on wireless solutions from multiple brands, MNJ consultants design from an agnostic perspective, providing solutions from different brands, price points and feature sets to meet customer requirements. Not sure where to begin? Available wireless assessments or a site survey can reduce confusion and provide a design baseline.

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SD-WAN Solutions

Organizations are quickly shifting focus to Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) due to rampant growth in real-time applications, cloud computing and remote office locations. The ability to empower an always-on organization is imperative as business-critical applications continue to move to the cloud. MNJ’s highly-trained and certified network experts will work to evaluate your WAN connectivity, traffic priority requirements and growth initiatives to design a secure, scalable, customized SD-WAN solution leveraging the latest in technology. SD-WAN solutions optimize connectivity and minimize downtime. An excellent alternative to traditional MPLS circuits, SD-WAN provides much greater visibility and control and can be more cost-effective.

Connectivity is paramount to any SD-WAN solution. As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), MNJ has partnerships with industry-leading service providers which enable diversified connectivity designs that improve resiliency and increase up time at low cost.

Bandwidth & Connectivity Services

Recognized as a certified Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), MNJ Technologies delivers competitive circuit/bandwidth pricing for diverse circuit types, from MPLS and DIA to low-cost broadband alternatives. MNJ-sold circuits include our PremiumCare monitoring and management service where MNJ monitors, troubleshoots and interfaces with the carrier on your behalf. Combined with SD-WAN or Unified Communications services, MNJ becomes an all-in-one service provider offering carrier and solution monitoring, problem resolution and customized, single consolidated billing.

Transport Circuits Bandwidth
MPLS Up to 10Gbps
T1 Up to 1.5Mbps
Hybrid Fiber - Coaxial (HFC) Up to 10Mbps
Ethernet over Copper (EoC) Up to 20Mbps
Fiber Up to 10Gbps
Internet Circuits Bandwidth
Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Up to 100Gbps
Broadband (Cable, Fiber, DSL, etc.) Up to 1Gbps Down/1Gbps Up
Fixed Wireless Up to 1Gbps
LTE (Long Term Evolution) Data Based
LTE Backup Data Based