Endpoint Security

More Endpoints = Greater Vulnerability

More of the workforce is remote due to the pandemic, and all signs point to a hybrid workforce going forward. The math is simple, more remote workers equal a greater number of vulnerable endpoints. According to the IDC, 70% of successful breaches originated on the endpoint.

Centralized network security solutions no longer work, and companies are embracing multi-layered endpoint security solutions to reduce risk exposure. Endpoint threats are increasing in volume and becoming more sophisticated. This is driving a need for more advanced endpoint tools.

MNJ can improve the security of your endpoints — including laptops, desktops, mobile devices, IoT devices and servers — by deploying software that can rapidly detect, analyze, block, and contain in-progress attacks. MNJ’s security solutions collaborate with the rest of your security tools to enable administrators to quickly detect and remediate threats.

endpoint security, Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security Features

Endpoint Security Benefits

endpoint security, Endpoint Security

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