Cloud Security

Securing Your Use of The Cloud

Over 96% of all enterprises in the U.S. use some form of cloud computing. While companies increasingly look to the cloud to expand, modernize, and stay competitive, they also expose themselves to new risks.

These risks include misconfiguration and criminal activity. In fact, Ermetic and IDC report that 80% of CISOs claim their company has had a cloud data breach in the past 18 months. Nearly half of those (43%) had experienced 10 or more breaches.

Although major cloud vendors such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have invested heavily in securing their cloud environments, those using these services need also think about how they secure their use. The cost of an average security breach for an American company with an average time of 196 days for the detection of the breach in the first place.

Data security on the cloud is important because you’re no longer in total control. If, for example, you choose to run your applications on either a public or hybrid cloud, you’re effectively putting your trust in a third-party.

MNJ offers cloud security solutions designed to control and secure your use of the cloud. We’ll help you put in place strict access controls, system audits, and global security frameworks to reduce the risks associated with operating in a cloud environment.

cloud security, Cloud Security

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cloud security, Cloud Security

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