Protect Your Productivity

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) face a multitude of security challenges and with remote work increasing, securing your device is more important than ever. Your standard endpoint protection with malware and anti-virus is not enough as these applications are easily compromised.

With endpoints constituting over 70% of breaches, ensuring they are well-managed is critical. However, in a Catch-22, making these endpoints more resilient requires buying more security tools, which then creates a counteracting level of complexity.

Endpoints go dark, apps degrade, data drifts without notice, cloud apps add another layer of complication, users neglect security policies, and controls are disabled daily. Over time, endpoints accumulate a “security debt” and are prone to compromise when exposures turn into exploits.

That is why Lenovo is committed to providing secure solutions that protect privacy while driving productivity. This means a continuous focus on security at all touchpoints.

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