Logos do not define a company, experience, passion and actions do.  We have been focused on our clients since 2002.  Our clients are what motivate us to keep showing up each day and push the envelope.  There is so much more to MNJ than selling technology.

We are here to serve our clients as if they are a part of the MNJ family.  Why?  Because each client means something to us, whether it is day 1 in the relationship or 12 years in.

Today, we launched a new logo for MNJ, but nothing has changed.  We still put our clients first.  Their problems become our problems.  And can I just say, we are motivated by problems (cue “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” in the background).

MNJ Logo

What the logo does is put our core values on display.  You are the center and lifeblood of MNJ.  Without you believing in us, MNJ would not be where we are today.  It has and always will be about you.

Viewed one way as a whole, the logo is a sphere.  Seen from another perspective, it is a three-dimensional cube.  This illustrates the transformational impact we enable our clients to have on their organization’s efficiency. 

You’ll also notice that each section of our new brandmark incorporates three lines that converge into a central circle.  It symbolizes the three silos in our portfolio – data center, infrastructure and cloud, integrating to relieve IT teams of busywork that adds costs and complexity. We do it by speaking your language and not only listening to your struggles and obstacles, but also discovering your organization’s strengths.  For us, technology is a means to an end – not an end itself.  We’re in business to enable you to advance your business.  That is what we consider a successful day at MNJ!

Krista Interrante

Krista Interrante

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