Data Center

The data center has evolved beyond a collection of servers, storage and switches. New technologies, such as software-defined networking, public/private/hybrid clouds, ultra-fast high-core processors and new storage platforms have completely changed the game. To complicate things further, the data center environment is constantly in flux- just when you get comfortable with a technology, the next ‘disruptive’ technology comes along and changes everything. Change is the only constant. This is where MNJ can help – MNJ consultants and architects keep their collective fingers on the pulse of the industry, staying up to date on technology changes and new products. This understanding enables MNJ to help design the right data center solution for you. Whether you’re looking for a simple server upgrade, a complete data center refresh or a move to the cloud, MNJ resources can help guide you to the right solutions.

MNJ’s Data Center Portfolio vendors include: Cisco, HPE, Dell Technologies, Lenovo and Super Micro.

Server & Virtualization Solutions

No other piece of IT equipment has more configuration options than servers do. Servers can be designed to meet nearly any IT need from a traditional web application or database server to a virtual machine host all the way to a high-performance computing node. Available in tower, rack-mount or different blade varieties, server solutions can be designed to fit and scale in any environment.

Expanding server capability significantly, virtualization separates server resources from the hardware where they can be shared by virtual servers. Virtualization dramatically increases scalability, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Virtual SAN software can further enable server functionality and create a true data center in a box.

Whether you need help with your first physical to virtual migration, assistance with the upgrade of an existing cluster or maybe you need help moving to the cloud, MNJ consultants and architects have the experience and training to assist with any data center virtualization needs.

MNJ’s Server & Virtualization Portfolio vendors include: HPE, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, VMware, Microsoft, CitrixRedHat & more.

Data Center Networking

The demands of the modern enterprise have spurred an evolution not only in servers and storage, but data center networking as well. Data center networking is more than an aggregation of ports or top of rack switching connecting servers and storage. New networking features including software-defined networking, traffic segmentation and prioritization, analytics and automation have transformed the look and feel of the state-of-the-art data center.

Regular vendor and industry training have enabled MNJ consultants and engineers to keep up to date with industry changes. Whether you’re looking to aggregate data center connections to improve throughput or deploy a new spine and leaf design with automation, MNJ consultants and engineers can help.

MNJ’s Data Center Networking Portfolio vendors include: Cisco, Meraki, Aruba & Juniper

Storage Solutions

Not too long ago, the mere thought of storage was enough to make an IT professional sweat. High costs, complexity and intricate integration made storage enhancement a difficult and trying event, so much so that some tried to stretch their existing solutions past useful life. Thankfully, the storage industry has pivoted supporting not only enterprise storage, but also small business and mid-market solutions. Hybrid and all-flash offerings have been simplified and further refined while increasing return on investment, while new bleeding-edge, ultra-fast solutions power today’s enterprise applications.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual SAN, hybrid storage or an enterprise-ready NVMe solution, MNJ consultants and architects provide no-cost assessment and design services to help you find the right storage solution.

MNJ’s Storage Portfolio vendors include: HPE, Dell Technologies, Western Digital, Pure Storage, Lenovo, VMware, Microsoft, & DataCore.