Virtualization Services

Reduce your footprint and increase efficiency.

Virtualization is one of the best long term investments a modern company can make in today’s digital world. We can optimize your infrastructure and make sure you are getting the maximum out of your investment in equipment. We work with multiple industry leaders to find the best mix of solutions to meet your needs, whether it be equipment you own, your locations, cloud services, private services in our cloud, and any of the steps needed to get you there. Virtualization can reduce or even eliminate your dependency on hardware, which in turn reduces the complexity of your IT environment.  

Storage Implementation and Management

Storage that’s flexible and scalable.

With the ever increasing data output of businesses worldwide, storage needs are at an all time high.Properly managed storage can mean the difference between remaining operational during a crisis and staying in business, or not. It can also determine if your applications function at the level your business requires. We work with several of the top storage technology providers to pick the best solution for the needs of your business.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

When disaster strikes, your business will be ready.

In a mobile world of BYOD, backup and recovery has become more challenging than ever. Having the right solution in place is crucial for your business, and we know it. We will work with your needs to find a solution that integrates with your data center and is in compliance with industry regulations including SOX and SAS70.

Converged Infrastructure

A harmonious IT environment is achievable.

As technology continues to change the way information is transmitted, delivered, and stored, it is common to see IT environments full of disjointed elements and systems. A typical data center has had add-on solutions layered onto it over time, and does not work as a unified system. Merging computing, networking, and storage resources into one converged environment results in substantial time and cost savings. We will work with you to identify objectives, goals, and use cases for converging applications and infrastructure so that your business can achieve an efficient IT environment.

Data Center Implementation and Management

Consolidate, optimize, automate.

New technologies are changing the way data centers are being built and managed. We can design and manage your data center whether it’s in your own facility, in ours, or in a third party colocation.  Our experts can provide various solutions and recommendations that will work for your business, then you decide which route to take. Together we can ensure your data center is efficient and cost effective.

Our Data Center & Virtualization Partners

We partner with industry leaders to bring you best-in-class solutions.

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