A creative marketing strategy impacts the success and growth of a business.  By aligning your marketing initiatives with your company vision and a forward-thinking mentality, creative marketing will spark deeper engagement with everyone who touches your brand; prospects and clients, partners, and even employees.

Take the time to develop unique and fun campaigns that captivate your clients.   Be sure to tell a story of who you are and what makes you different.   Allow your clients to connect with you on a different level by engaging them in unique ways and showing them how you can address their challenges and pain points in this ever-evolving industry.  It’s imperative that your marketing showcases what makes you unique and that it enables you to stand out to your prospects.   All in all, focus on the client, their pain points, and the overall journey they will experience.

At MNJ, we focus our marketing strategy on a belief system inherent in who we are – we are a company who solves business problems and we just happen to do so through technology.  The creative and strategic campaigns we execute yield unheard of results due to the alignment with our vision, customer-centric content, tight collaboration with our sales organization for follow-up, and a well thought out series of campaign touches.   It is possible to get those highly sought-after campaign success statistics and ROI.    We often see 29% response rates for meetings and 40%+ open rates on our email components.   Stay focused on the client and don’t be afraid to take risks and try some unconventional methods of standing out.   Email campaigns alone won’t enable the kind of growth you need to survive in this day and age.  It’s imperative to think outside of the box.

This strategy should also be applied to events and engagement activities for both prospects and clients.  As with campaigns, focus your events on creating and nurturing the customer journey.   Look for activities that will create lasting memories and allow time for attendees to network, learn and share with one another.  At MNJ, we even incorporate events that will get some adrenaline pumping because everyone needs some excitement in their day!  We have very successfully executed things like helicopter tours, axe-throwing events and experiences involving movie premieres, new sunglasses and customized denim jeans to enable us to connect with our clients and prospects on a deeper level….and to create a truly memorable experience for them.   A more relaxed setting results in significantly more impactful conversations and relationships and encourages your contacts to really get to know your company and resources, as opposed to just hearing another sales pitch.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about your employees.   Internal marketing campaigns can get your employees more involved and excited about your company vision and companywide themes.   Every employee, after all, touches a part of the customer journey, so it is critical to get everyone engaged.   At MNJ, we switch up our internal themes throughout the year to keep everyone interested and looking forward to what’s next.   We incorporate decorations, events, contests and games.   These efforts can improve overall employee morale and company culture.   They can also get employees in different departments interacting and building relationships with one another, which can really help communication and overall culture.  When planning your marketing efforts for the year, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about your internal marketing initiatives!

Overall, align your marketing strategy with your overall company vision and stay focused on the customer journey.  The creativity and unique engagements can’t end with marketing though.  They need to carry through the entire customer experience to ensure a positive and valuable process throughout.

Always go that extra step to be the difference for those you value!

Jamie Porter

Jamie Porter

Director of Marketing
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