Our Brand Story

MNJ Technologies was founded in 2002 by Susan and Paul Kozak with a vision of a company that stood apart from the rest due to an unmatched focus on the client and their overall experience. The foundation of MNJ’s culture from day one was family and that remains central in MNJ today.

In 2009, with a holistic and client-centric approach, MNJ was on a strong growth path and opened the doors to a downtown Chicago office to accommodate additions to the growing sales team. Later, in 2016, MNJ made a strategic decision to acquire one of the few Master Cloud and Managed Service Providers (CMSP) in Chicago to stay ahead of the demands and needs of our clients.

Over the years the company, which started as a transactional IT reseller, moved to a robust VAR (Value Added Reseller) and now is a sophisticated Managed Services Provider and technology transformation company with a focus on solving business problems. The overall business and the company’s offerings are constantly evaluated to ensure the right mix of solutions and services to aid clients in staying ahead of trends and accomplishing their overall goals to meet the demands of the business.

In recent years, a new mantra was introduced to remind employees that every single person at MNJ impacts the client journey. “Be the Difference” created a newfound focus on being flexible and genuine in everything we do and through all interactions. “Being the Difference” also means being experts at what we do and recognizing others for their accomplishments and above-and-beyond efforts. Employees strive to have a positive impact on each other’s days, which in turn positively impacts the experience our clients have.

How we Strive to 'Be The Difference':






Rewards & Recognition


Team Building


Training & Development


Give Back Initiatives

At MNJ, we understand our company’s climate and culture is one of our most important business assets. Our existence and growth as a company is tied to how we can Be the Difference; how we can Be the Difference to our clients and to one another. The way in which we treat one another impacts how we feel not only about ourselves, but about our peers, and sets the tone for how we feel about our company. This, in turn, has a direct effect on the experience our clients have with MNJ. Being the Difference is not something you just put on a poster or say in a meeting. It’s something that lives and breathes in what we do every single day. In order to Be the Difference, we focus on enabling and empowering our people. We do this through many types of trainings, team building, exciting events, individual reviews and coaching, as well as the most important thing – recognition and appreciation. We make Being the Difference who we are as a company. We are not just a company who sells IT equipment and services. We’re a company that solves business problems. We do this by listening to each other and to our clients. At MNJ we exist to Be the Difference in everything we do.